Which Portable Wheelchairs Are The Best For Traveling?

There are all kinds of wheelchairs these days. The newer models are equipped with different features that make using them and getting around much easier. Having a wheelchair in the home is one thing, but when it comes to traveling, certain types of wheelchairs are better than others. My aunt, while only traveling locally, brings hers around to many places. It collapses and fits in the trunk of the car.

Where I live, people are always showing up to see the beach. I’ve seen quite a few people with wheelchairs, and they all handle things a little differently. Some of them even go out to the beach with their actual wheelchairs, although that can be very difficult to maneuver when it comes to the sand. So, what the city and different resorts in the area do for this situation is they have special inflatable wheelchairs. They are available upon request to help people more easily get around on the beach.

When it comes to traveling with wheelchairs in general, it’s about portability of course. These portable features are what make all the difference. As you know, wheelchairs can be quite heavy, so part of the issue is going to be making sure that they are lightweight for transporting. How much do you expect a portable wheelchair would weigh? What if you were told that some of them weigh considerably less than 20 pounds?

While you can certainly look at any wheelchairs out there on the market, the best ones for travel are going to specifically be listed as travel transit wheelchairwheelchairs. The sites that sell wheelchairs will have them categorized. You’re also going to notice that there are quite a few different price points. If the wheelchairs are lighter and more flexible, you would think they would also be less expensive. That can be true in some cases and not in others.

Transport or travel wheelchairs also help in other situations as well. For example, say you’re trying to get into the bathtub. That is just one instance where a travel wheelchair can come in handy for another reason. That’s why they are also referred to as transport chairs.

Remember the example of the wheelchair that collapses? Well, they collapse in different ways, and that means that you need to look at those specifics. What other features are you planning on looking for in a portable wheelchair? The one you choose could make all the difference.

Barbara Harris

Barbara Harris

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