Hiring a Removals Company?

If you ask many who have moved before, they will say that moving is one of the hectic activities ever. Only one in a million movers will claim a simple and convenient move. That is not supposed to scare you though. You can choose to follow the masses or be that one person who appreciates the service of removal companies. It’s about preparation and wise decision making. Stress and risks follow you up every time you are moving. You transmit these risks to the mover company when you hire one. They become answerable to anything that might happen giving you the much needed confidence. On their side, they are experienced in moving and they can guarantee convenience. Everybody wins. But there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.best-removals-services

  • Licensed or unlicensed?

Licensing and regulations must prevail in every line of work to ensure that the services offered are according to standard. That goes without saying. The hard truth is that only the licensed movers are best to consider. That is because they are willing to be bound by the clients’ contract and take responsibility of anything that might happen. One company that is not registered and licensed will mean that they are trying to evade certain obligations which might pose a challenge to the clients. The trust you have to a registered mover is more compared to a mover that don’t even exist. What happens if anything goes wrong?

  • How much is the cost?

If you are moving to the next estate and you don’t have a lot of stuff, then DIY becomes ideal. When the distance to be covered is long and there is a whole truck or two of items inside your house, you definitely need the intervention of a professional mover. Getting the furniture removalists quote is what you need to plan on budget. Cost of labor required for packing and removal services as well as the cost of the truck needs to be considered. Knowing the tricks to keep the prices low will work here. E.g. don’t move when its summer time or during weekends, compare price quotes, reduce the load etc.


  • How do I prepare?

One of the key elements that ensure a stress-free move is tidying up things. Don’t just throw in your stuff into a truck. That will be problematic ones you reach the other end. Having them well packed and named will ensure that everything is handled with care as required and that items that go to the same room are easily identified. Unpacking and settling up on your new home will be easier then.

  • Necessary to tip the professionals?

That’s completely optional. You can decide to whether appreciate the services of your crew or not. To how some ethics though, it’s always recommended that you treat them like members of the family. Let them have a cup of tea and snacks along the way. It might improve their morale to help and deliver the best services.

Rosie Griffin

Rosie Griffin

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