What to do when flood emergency occurs?

There´s so much going through your mind when a flood strikes your home. Where to stay? Who to call for cleanup and ow long will it take? Does your homeowner’s insurance cover the restoration process? With so many worries on your mind, keeping your mind straight might seem like a difficult task, but it´s crucial to remain calm in such emergent situations.

When something like this occurs, keep in mind that every second is important. So the first step to do following a flood, aside from making sure that everyone is ok and that your belongings are in a safe place, you need to get in touch with a water restoration service.

How can they help me?

  1. You´ll be safe: By hiring a professional flood damage restoration service, you´ll stay away from all the work there is to be done, which also means that you won´t have to encounter bacteria and other filth.
  2. Avoid additional damage: When a flood occurs, every second is critical. It doesn´t take much long for mildew and mold to start to develop. You can stop this from happening by hiring a water damage service within 24 hours of the flood.
  3. Mold remediation: If by any chance mold sets in, many water damage restoration companies can also handle mold remediation, as well.
  4. They´ll ensure total cleanup: If you try to do all the restoration work by yourself without the proper experience and tools, it´s more likely that you´ll mess up at a certain point. To prevent this from happening, hire a water damage restoration service.
  5. Everything will be done quickly: With proper knowledge and experience, a flood damage restoration service will, in a short amount of time get your home into a pre-flood state.

How to find a trustworthy water damage company?

Many companies and consultants providing flood restoration and mold remediation services are usually skilled, reliable and honest. That doesn´t mean that you should pick the first company you come across. By following the next few simple steps, you´ll ensure that you made the right choice.

  1. Get few estimates: Make sure each company you contact bids on the exactly same project. Also, make sure that contractors come to the site, instead of giving you estimations over the phone. Be aware of unusually cheap service, but also from companies that are trying to scare you and make you pay more than necessary.
  2. Ask for the recent customers: If a contractor refuses to give you few names, it might be suspicious. But if you get the chance to talk to previous customers, you´ll be able to find out everything about the quality of the company´s work.
  3. Don´t believe in fairytales: One of the most common misconceptions is that all mold can be removed from a building. That´s just not true so reject any contractor that claims differently.
  4. Ask for their certifications: This way you´ll be sure that the company has reached the industry standards and has trained and skilled professionals.
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