Bruckheim & Patel for your Criminal Charges 

Being accused of a criminal offense can be quite a frightening experience. When this happens, most people face an enormous amount of stress, as they have no idea how it will end. That’s why they usually choose to hire qualified legal representation. These offenses can affect your future, as they might go on your criminal record. It is wise to have a lawyer by your side.

Your fate depends on the judge or jury, but with the right attorney you might avoid severe consequences. Just pick one of the best DC lawyers, and everything will go smoothly. The duty of these professionals is to defend clients who have been arrested for unlawful activity. They are representing individuals accused of some criminal offense. Some people decide to go through this process alone. However, it is not wise, especially if you lack skills and knowledge of the legal system. It is always a better option to hire a lawyer, as they usually have years of experience in working in this field, and the necessary knowledge about law, and how the court system works.


Criminal defense attorneys will determine the best way to decrease the consequences you might face. If you are innocent, the responsibility of your lawyer will be to prove it to the judge and the jury. If you are guilty, they will do everything they can to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

A reputable attorney will explain all consequences you might encounter because of your charges. Keep in mind that, if you are at fault, you probably shouldn’t expect to avoid all penalties. Your lawyer will also negotiate deals with the prosecutors, with the goal to decrease any fees or jail time you might be facing.

What to look for when hiring an attorney?

The first thing you probably should do is to make sure a professional you are thinking of hiring specializes in criminal cases. They are much different from civil ones. Lawyers usually specialize in one of these two fields. You will rarely come across an expert with expertise in both of them. If you have no idea who to hire, choose Bruckheim & Patel DC criminal lawyers.


No matter if you pick a small law firm or a big one, what is important is the person who will handle your situation. Go for someone with a good winning percentage. If you do it, they will probably win the case without any severe issues. Pick someone you have faith in. Also, always choose a professional with experience. Hiring an expert with only two or three cases handled so far is gambling with your future. Finally, make sure they have won cases similar to yours in the past. Although each situation is different, the lawyer’s attack on the defense is pretty much the same; only tactics change slightly. A professional who has handled cases similar to yours is familiar with how the entire proceeding will go, and therefore, is the right choice.

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