Amazon keyword research tool; how to use it

Where plenty of websites are involved, google and other search engines have their way of ranking them. Although google may have its difference with amazon, the concept is almost similar for listings. Keywords have the bigger part to play. As a matter of fact, research is necessary for sellers willing to be successful in amazon. Clients will not have the time to search for you specifically. They don’t know you either. All they want are products that can suit their needs. That should tell you that what matters most is the keywords you use. They are the words that determine if you get traffic to your page or not. You are not left bare to fail though. You can make the most of the keyword research tools for higher profits. Here is what to do.

Generate probable keywords of your own

You at least know something about the products you’re dealing with. Here, it is better if you quit being a seller and put on the shoes of the clients. Try to figure out what words the clients are likely to key in when they are looking for your products. Type as many keywords as you can to ensure that you capture the whole idea. Check on what has been used previously, what is being used now and what is likely to be used in the future. Don’t leave out any feature that you think will have to be used by a client. Amazon research tool will help you with these stuff.

Evaluate benefits

After you list down the probable keywords, perhaps you should try to see both sides of the each keywords. That way, you will have some kind of a rank to show you what keywords are more promising and which ones will generate less traffic. If possible, you can look for ways to combine the promising keywords into one that captures a wider traffic.

Make sure you have the right synonym vocabulary

As a matter of fact, English or any other language is broad. You cannot expect all the people to use the same set of keywords when searching for the same products. If that was the case, then online business could be easy and most competitive ever. There will be those who adopt certain words and others who go by other words with the same meaning like asin lookup tool do. If you leave out the latter, it means you lose out on potential buyers. Search for synonyms to capture a wider scale of clients.

Capture other ideas and select the best keywords

Other aspects of size, shape, color etc. of products will have to be looked into for best keywords. After you have the list of keywords with you, it’s time to determine which ones will work best and which ones are lesser effective. Help with keyword research tool will assist you select the keywords with the highest impact.

Andrea Webb

Andrea Webb

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