Beat The Summer Heat Waves With These Cool Tips

heatwaveAs a resident in Longshore Lake in Naples, Florida, I know the ins and outs of Florida life. Dealing with the heat is a challenge, however, if properly managed, creating an easy routine can prevent a lot of headache…and sunburn.

If you think heat waves are not a serious issue, then think about the heat wave that hit Europe in 2003 that claimed 70,000 lives, mostly from France. If that is not enough, recall the heat wave in Russia, which is known for having frigid temperatures. There were wild fires across the country and it suffered 40 years of drought when the heat wave came. According to the state weather agency, Russia had not experienced these high temperatures in the last 1000 years. Of course, death toll during that time was very high.

What Is A Heat Wave Then?

A heat wave may very well be considered a natural disaster that is among the worst both qualitatively and quantitatively. Qualitatively speaking, heat waves are slow so they are preventable. It can be predicted and therefore can be controlled. It has also been reported that more Americans die of heat waves than from any of the other disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods.

Now that it is summertime, the threat of heat waves is higher and that calls for more preparation and tips to beat it. Want to know more?

Cool Tips To Beat The Heat Waves Of Summer

  • Slow down. It is a given that time is precious and you have a lot of things to accomplish every single day. But you should not always use that as a reason to risk yourself of getting taken by a heat wave. Try to slow down your pace. Walk more slowly and put your mood and brain to lower gear. This way, you body temperature stays low.
  • Give up alcohol and caffeine. No excuses! Give it up, not cut it down! Why? This is because alcohol and caffeine can suck the moisture out of your body, making you more susceptible to a heat stroke. What can you drink then? Go to no. 4.
  • Get yourself hydrated. Drinking water is still the best way to hydrate. But you can also drink fruit juices and non-caffeinated iced tea. If it is not your habit, then force yourself to do it.
  • Keep the sunlight out. Much of the summertime would require you to use your room or house’s air conditioning system. But make sure that you keep the blinds and curtains shut because the sunlight pouring in can also bring in heat to the room.
  • Turn on the fans. Fans are a good alternative to an air conditioner. It is cheaper and more economical to use. So at the start of the day, make sure to turn them all up even before the heat starts to set it.
  • Avoid cooking. As much as possible, avoid cooking because it will only heat up not just the kitchen but the whole house as well. If possible, cook only once during the day.
  • Avoid going outdoors. Unless you need to go to work or to the grocery store, stay indoors, and keep yourself cool. Do not go outdoors especially during the peak times of high temperatures like between 10 o’clock in the morning to 4 o’clock in the afternoon.
  • Consume more food that contains water. Fruits like watermelon, cantaloup, grapes, cucumber, and tomatoes are very rich in water. So it is recommended to eat much of them.
  • Cut down on the use of heat-producing appliances. We know that life today is more convenient with these electrical appliances. However, they produce so much heat and that again adds to the heat in the house. Cut down on your use and feel a more comfortable environment.
  • Go to a cool place. Whenever you are out in the streets, never walk without an umbrella. Better yet, walk under the shade of buildings or trees. Also, when you need to wait for anybody, go inside a convenience store where there is air conditioning instead of waiting in the streets.
  • Use water. Water is not just for drinking. It is also useful in so many ways. Take frequent showers throughout the day. Upon waking up, before resting in the afternoon, and before bedtime. Also, stack up on a towel that is soaked in cold water and place that around your neck to cool yourself up. You can also use those items like this that are sold in stores.
  • Make use of a spray bottle. Ever wonder why there are those bottles with ‘fan blades’ or small propellers? That is for you to fill with water, switch it on and then spray yourself with the mist to cool yourself down. If you cannot afford to buy this, than a hand fan will certainly help. Keep one in your bag so that you can always fan yourself before you get heat exhaustion.

Heat waves are a serious matter. And since they can be predicted, watch out for updates and advisories so that you can be ready. But whether or not there is a warning, always keep yourself hydrated and cool, nonetheless.